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"The negative side of the American Dream comes when people pursue success at any cost, which in turn destroys the vision and the dream "

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  • Topic of this Week: "Green Consumption (April 21, 2019)"

    Green consumption behaviour is a form of pro-environmental  consumption that harms the environment as little as possible, or even  benefits the environment. This notion seems to be unpopular in our  country, despite the fact that Vietnam, together with four other  countries, discharge 60 per cent of the world’s plastic waste into the  ocean.
    A green consumption behaviour comes from an individual acting ethically, motivated not only by personal needs,  but also by the respect and preservation of the environment. To help  combat climate change, behaviours that are strongly encouraged including  (but not limited to) (i) decreasing energy and water consumption; (ii)  changing your eating and transportation habits to conserve natural  resources; and (iii) reducing, reusing, and recycling to be more  environmentally friendly.
     1. Please share your story. What did you do as an action of green  consumption? Do you think it's enough? If not, what else should you do  and how hard it is to commit?
     2. Is it fashionable to follow the international trend of sustainable consumption? Explain?
     3. What are the benefits of engaging in green consumption? What are the  obstacles of Vietnamese people to changing their consumption  behaviours?
     4. Do you think green consumption can really help battle  environmental pollution in Vietnam? If yes, how do you encourage people  taking action?
    Prepared by: Quỳnh Như Nguyễn


    Enjoy and have a fruitful discussion! 

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