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"The negative side of the American Dream comes when people pursue success at any cost, which in turn destroys the vision and the dream "

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  • Topic of this Week: "Life in lockdown (September 26, 2021)"

    Topic 26th, September 2021: Life in lockdown
    Please refer to the steps below to join the discussion:
    1. Download the Discord app either on a mobile phone or laptop https://discordapp.com
    2. Register an account
    3. Join the room chat https://discord.gg/dDPbMZa
    The online discussion will start at 3.00pm and close at 5.00pm on Sunday 26th, September 2021.
    The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the way we live, with many of us enduring prolonged periods in isolation while others have to work against the clock on the frontline. Not easy as it may sound, we all need to adapt to get through this tough time. Although the pandemic has brought us unexpected and difficulties, every cloud has a silver lining. We all hope that the pandemic will soon be over and we will get back to our “normal life”, but are our lives still the same as before?
    Let’s join our club to share your own experiences and discuss more this topic!
    1. How is your life in lockdown?
    2. What difficulties/challenges have you experienced in lockdowns? How have you dealt with them? Do you have any difficulties that can not be solved?
    3. Who are most affected by the pandemic?
    4. Do you see any positives in lockdown? What is the first thing you are going to do after the pandemic is over?
    5. What do you prepare for some uncertainties like this pandemic in the future?
    6. How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world/you forever?
    Thank Ngô Thanh Tâm for your topic

    Enjoy and have a fruitful discussion!



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    Halloween English phrases



    (Photo courtesy of Gaudencio Garcinuño)

    Halloween is a holiday that happens on October 31st each year. People dress up in strange costumes. Kids wear these costumes to walk around the neighborhood and ask their neighbors for candy. Adults go to parties or street fairs. Here are some phrases that you might hear around Halloween:


    People wear costumes on Halloween.

    They can either buy a pre-made costume or make their own costume by hand.

    You can dress up as:

    • a ghost
    • a witch
    • a fireman
    • a princess
    • a mummy
    • a vampire
    • a zombie
    • an alien
    • a character from a movie
    • someone who's in the news

    When you want to tell people about your costume, say:

    I'm dressing up as a robot for Halloween.

    Trick or treating

    Kids go from door to door, asking for candy. This is called going Trick or Treating. The kids knock on the door or ring the doorbell. When the door opens, they yell:

    Trick or treat!

    When kids show up at your door, you should ask them what their costume is:

    What are you supposed to be?

    Who are you dressed as?

    The candy that kids get can be:

    • mini chocolate bars
    • hard candy
    • chewing gum
    • suckers (also known as lollipops; these are hard candy on a stick)

    There's also one kind of candy that's specific to Halloween. It's called "candy corn". It's not really corn, just colored sugar formed into a little triangular shape that looks a little like a kernel of corn. Most people don't really like it.

    Other activities

    Lots of people carve pumpkins. A carved pumpkin is also called a jack-o-lantern. To do this, you:

    1. cut out a hole in the top of the pumpkin
    2. scoop the seeds out of it
    3. cut holes in the sides to make the shape of a face
    4. put a candle inside of it

    You can also go to a haunted house. Real haunted houses are houses that have ghosts in them. But at Halloween, people sometimes put on a haunted house. They do things like:

    • decorate some rooms in a building with cobwebs
    • put fake plastic spiders everywhere
    • hang plastic bats from the ceiling
    • play spooky music
    • turn the lights down low
    • hide behind something wearing a costume, and then jump out to scare people who walk through

    People often pay to walk through these fake haunted houses.

    A word to use on Halloween

    Boo! (to scare people suddenly)

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